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 Apply for a Rockford Promise Scholarship Today!

10/30/2019 11:00 AM

​Rockford Promise awards RPS 205 seniors full-tuition scholarships at Rockford University and Rock Valley College. The application is now open at

Receiving the Rockford Promise Scholarship is a great honor. The Rockford Promise Scholarship allows our community to flourish and allows students to get a personalized education. I am so extremely grateful to have been awarded the Rockford Promise Scholarship because not only does it allow me to pursue my dreams, but it allows me to inspire others through my story, walking on a path to success. 

Rockford Promise allows students to continue their path and pursue their dream after high school. Once you are named a Rockford Promise Scholar, you step into this big family of people who share the same goals, drive, interests and eagerness. There is this enormous amount of support that allows each individual to recognize they are not alone in this upcoming journey. We have this amazing team of people who will go out of their way to make sure we succeed. Rockford Promise has alleviated the fears of talking to a professor, failing a class, undertaking a grueling college schedule, being disorganized, getting lost on campus and has helped me understand the difference between studying and doing homework. They taught me how to push myself and stick to a routine.

Rockford Promise is more than a scholarship. It is envisioning the future by imagining exciting, innovative and life-changing possibilities that uplift others.

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