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 Shoutout: Team demonstrated collaboration and character

11/6/2019 1:00 AM

I struggle with identifying this as collaboration or character, because both are shown in the actions of this team. First, Sara Kurpius jumped in to assist when she heard we had a problem of backlogged data. Not just a small amount of data entry, but a lot with a big deadline – fall housing. Ericka Potter, Petrea Witt, and Pina SantaOlalla have spent days entering individual data points such as family risk factors, household income, public benefits, experience in home visiting or daycare, involvement with DCFS and other information that is required for every preschool student! I can say this has been such a relief on our team and department to have a team of individuals willing to help get things back in order after a crisis.

-Teresa Fillers, Early Childhood Administrator

Pictured L-R: Pina SantaOlalla, Petrea Witt
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