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 RPS 205 Senior Prom Canceled


​Class of 2020,

We’ve agreed as a group to cancel our senior prom plans for the Class of 2020. This message might not surprise you, but we wanted to share our disappointment with our students and graduates.

Our state is expected to move into Phase 4 at the end of this month, and — according to the governor’s guidelines — that would allow for gatherings of 50 people or fewer. Unfortunately that limit will not allow us to host the senior prom events we had hoped for our students.

This has been a wild year. We’re tired of saying it’s unprecedented, but it is. We hope our graduates enjoyed the special celebrations we held for the Class of 2020. We enjoyed visiting our students to place yard signs to recognize them, getting our staff together for a special drive up diploma pickup, and putting together our virtual graduation ceremonies. Of course none of this is the same as hosting our traditional in-person big events for our senior class, but we enjoyed creating these special memories for the Class of 2020. 


Mrs. Jenny Keffer 
Principal, Auburn High School

Mr. Jim Parker
Principal, East High School 

Mr. Gus Carter

Principal, Guilford High School

Mr. Don Rundall
Principal, Jefferson High School

Mr. Morgan Gallagher
Principal, Roosevelt Community Education Center