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RPS 205 Updates Visitor Management System


​Parents and guardians will receive ​a letter this week (the text is below) about an electronic visitor management system update at RPS 205 elementary schools and early childhood centers. The new system standardizes what information is collected when a visitor enters the building to create a safer environment for students and staff. 
​February 3, 2015

Dear parent/guardian,

You will see a new visitor management system this month in all RPS 205 elementary schools and early childhood centers. The electronic system is already in our middle and high schools. It standardizes what information is collected when a visitor enters the building, instead of relying on a handwritten sign-in sheet.

Q: What does this mean for me? 
A: You will need to bring a state-issued ID when you’re visiting your child’s school for any period of time. The electronic system will eventually replace paper sign-in sheets for all non-employee visitors.

Q: How does the system work? 
A: The electronic system scans a visitor’s state ID or driver’s license and logs it into a database. Off-site, the district’s security team will know in real time who is in a school. This information is important in case of a school emergency, such as a lockdown or fire. Visitor information is also checked against a sexual predator database. That database check is different from a criminal background check.

Q: What if I’m just dropping off my child, his homework or lunch? Do I still need to sign in? 
A: This change won’t affect parents who make a quick stop at the school – for example, to drop off a forgotten lunch or to pick up a sick child. The new system is for access beyond the main office – a visitor who conducts business in the school, meets with a staff member or spends time in a classroom.

Q: What if I forget my ID? 
A: A visitor who doesn’t have an ID must remain in the main office until an administrator is notified. That administrator will decide whether the visitor can enter the school, and that visitor will be accompanied by a staff member at all times.

Q: Why is this beneficial? 
A: The system enhances our security and accountability to protect our students and staff. This cost-effective tool is funded, in part, through the Illinois Emergency Management Agency School Security Grant.

Q: Where else is the system used? 
A: The system was first piloted in RPS 205 in 2010 and has been in our high schools and middle schools since 2011.

Q: How can I learn more? 
A: If you have questions about the new system or its rollout, please contact me (Principal). Our security team is pleased with the results at our middle and high schools. We want to provide the safest environment for our youngest students and for all staff.