CAPA Dance

​​As students develop and progress CAPA Dance is dedicated to providing a broad education that challenges the students artistically, intellectually and physically and to prepare qualified students for college, conservatory and professional careers in dance and related professions. The department develops artistic and creative potential through a sequentially developed curriculum in both technical and theoretical dance courses. Students acquire the basic principles of choreography and a broader understanding of other arts forms and their relationship ​to dance. Students are provided with numerous performance opportunities including community involvement.

​9th Grade​CAPA Beginning Dance
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​10th Grade​CAPA Intermediate Dance
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​11th Grade​CAPA Advanced Dance
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​12th Grade​CAPA Dance Seminar
*Note: Initial course placement is based on audition - Teacher will determine a student's progression. Each student's progress will vary, some students may spend more than one year at any level or may progress to higher level courses more quickly.

Recommended Electives: Beginning Band, Jazz Ensemble, AP Music Theory, Keyboard Music, CAPA Piano Keyboard Lab, CAPA Advanced Piano Keyboard Lab, CAPA Theatre 1, CAPA Technical Theatre 1, CAPA Treble Choir
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