CAPA Media Production

​As students develop and progress, students will begin assembling their best works into a digital portfolio in the 11th gra​de year as a record of production, and to use in applications to art schools and universities. Cross-curricular projects, field trips to graphic and media businesses, as well as visiting graphic and media artists, will support and enhance the quality of the program. As production is such an important aspect of the program, students will have numerous opportunities to be a part of graphic and video projects and productions each year.

​9th​CAPA Media Production I
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​10th​CAPA Media Production II
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​11th​CAPA Media Production III
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​12th​CAPA Media Production III

*Note: Initial course placement is based on audition - Teacher will determine a student's progression. Each student's progress will vary, some students may spend more than one year at any level or may progress to higher level courses more quickly.

Recommended Electives: CAPA Studio Art Foundations, CAPA Studio Art I, CAPA 2D Studio Art II & III, AP Studio Art: 2D Design, AP Studio Art: 3D Design, AP Studio Art: Drawing, CAPA Graphic Art & Design, Beginning Computer Applications, CAPA Technical Theatre I

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