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 Profile of a Graduate

​​​​Rockford Public Schools envisions all students graduate College, Career and Life Ready. A graduate profile is a document that a school or district uses to specify the cognitive, personal, and interpersonal competencies that students should have when they graduate. Our graduate profile identifies what we want all students to know and be able to do as a Rockford Public Schools graduate.​​​




All students demonstrate growth and masteryAll students demonstrate successful transitions from Pr​​e-K-postsecondary
All students demo​​nstrate
​self-efficacy, advocacy, responsibility and citizenship  

1) GPA of ​2.8 and a postsecondary plan

2) One of the following academic indicators:
  • Dual credit
  • AP 3 or higher
  • Dev Ed math/reading completion
  • C or higher in Algebra 2/​Integrated Math 3
  • SAT Score 1080
  • ACT Sc​ore ​22

1) 95% attendance

2) 95% of students will complete a three course sequence in their pathway

3) 100% of students will have a work based learning experience

4) 100% of students will have a co-curricular experience or work

5) 100% of students will have a capstone experience


1) Digital stude​nt profile

2) 100% of students will create a ten-year plan

3) 100% of students will have a community service experience​

4) 100% of students will identify a trust​ed adult in their life


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