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 Work-Based Learning

Our Work-Based Learning and Career Development Continuum sets up the framework for work-based learning from 8th-12th grade for Rockford Public Schools students. Work-based learning is a valuable component of a comprehensive education; it provides students with the opportunities to engage in deep exploration and preparation for the eventual world of work in the context of academic preparation for both college and career. Work-based learning also teaches important and essential skills, such as working in a team, appropriate workplace behavior, and critical thinking. These are skills that are vital in both college and career and will set RPS 205 students apart as they enter into the next phases of their academic careers.

This framework is based on evidence that student achievement is positively impacted when work-based learning occurs in the workplace, the classroom, and in individual and facilitated reflection and preparation. As you read through the continuum, please note how these have been differentiated.

All students should also have and maintain an individualized learning plan where they are able to plan and keep track of their work-based learning experiences. Ideally, this plan can be transitioned into a portfolio of experiences when it is time to apply for either college or work. ​​

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