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 Creative and Performing Arts


​​​​​​​​​RPS 205 offers a comprehensive K-12 grade arts education that is based on the National Standards for the Arts. For those students in grades 6-12 needing more in-depth arts experiences, R​PS 205 provides the Creative and Performing Arts Program (CAPA). The CAPA program is offered at two sites, one for middle school students and the second for high school students. CAPA gives each student a unique real-life experience in one or more of the fine arts disciplines: Dance, Instrumental Music, Theatre-Tech and Media Arts, Vocal Music and Visual Arts. ​Acceptance into the program is by audition.​​ West CAPA Dance

Click to register for an audition for students in grades 5,6 or 7


Click to register for an audition for students in grades 8,9, 10 or 11

Please see links below for audition requirements so that you can prepare your best audition.  

See information below to prepare for your audition:

Middle School:  Students entering grades 6  through 8 audition for CAPA Middle School online and at West middle school.  Please complete the registration form above.  No walk in auditions will be honored due to health and safety measures; all auditions are by appointment.  

High School:  Students entering grade 9th through 12th audition for CAPA virtually due to health and safety restrictions at this time.  Please complete the registration form linked above.       

West CAPA Theatre 

For questions about West CAPA, grades 6-8, please contact: 
Julie Hindenburg at  
or Heather Psaltis at [email protected]
For questions about Auburn CAPA, grades 9-12, please contact: 
Beth Heuer at [email protected]
or Jonathan Gates at Jonathan Gates

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